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Our Governing Body

Governors work closely with headteachers, school staff and representatives from the local authority (LA).

If any one wishes to see a copy of the governing body minutes they request a copy directly from school.

Governor Responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of school governors are:

  • Setting aims, objectives, targets and a strategic framework for the school and reviewing its progress towards attaining them;
  • Monitoring and evaluating how well the policies and plans of the school are working;
  • Accounting for the school and governing body’s performance;
  • Working with the Head teacher to ensure that teaching within the school is effective and of good quality and that children achieve the highest possible standards;
  • Taking general responsibility for the school and its budget;
  • Acting  as  “critical  friend”  to  the  school  by  challenging  and  supporting  the  senior management team and by taking opportunities to show interest in and appreciation of the work of staff and pupils;
  • Promoting the interests of the school and its pupils in the wider community.
  • Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body

The governing body is made up of the following:

  • Head Teacher.
  • Parent governors – elected by and from among parents of registered pupils at the school.
  • Staff governors – elected by and from the staff at the school.
  • Local Education Authority (LA)– appointed by the LA.
  • Foundation  governors  (at  voluntary  aided,  voluntary  controlled  and some  foundation schools) –to preserve and develop the religious character of the school (if applicable) and to see that the trust deed is complied with.
  • Co-opted Governor  –  appointed  by  members  of  the  Governing Body  who  are  not themselves co-opted. They are intended to be representative of the local community and may add particular kinds of expertise.

Our Governors

Chair of Governors Stuart Priestley
LA Representative Stuart Priestley
Vice-Chair & Parent Governor Mrs Katharine Millar
Head Teacher Mr Trevor Watson
Parent Governor Mr Phil Martin
Parent Governor Charlotte Noone
Foundation Governor Mr Malcolm Cundick
Foundation Governor Mrs Sue Sleightholme
Clerk to Governors Mrs Val Brown
Staff Governor Debbie Cheesebrough


Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021


Strategic Planning.

Collaboration and Federation

Melsonby Methodist Primary School Governors believe that collaboration with other local schools is very important for our small school. We are always open to and looking for ways of collaborating for

a)  Financial benefit

b)  Educational opportunities

c)  Social interaction and development

We are also open to the possibility of federation with another school or schools. This more formal collaborative arrangement allows schools to plan ahead together and benefit from the longer term security this would afford. Our intention is to investigate all possibilities of federation with schools of similar ethos and approach to Primary Education as that of our school.

Annual Governance Statement from the Governing Body of Melsonby Methodist Primary School July 2018


How to become a School Governor

If you require further information on the roles and responsibilities of School Governors or you are interested in becoming one, visit the North Yorkshire County Council website, School Governor section.

Minutes of the Governing Body

Melsonby GB Minutes 17.09.2018