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Marrick Priory

Marrick Priory

On Thursday 23rd of May, the whole of Melsonby Methodist primary school went on a day trip to Marrick Priory activity centre. First, we did a scary high ropes course. He had a safety briefing and her hooked up ropes and karabiners. We had to climb up a vertical assault course and try to stand on a wood beam at the top. It was windy up the top, and a bit scary. The abseil down was great fun!

Next, we had a go at ‘The leap of faith’, which involved climbing a very wobbly pole, standing on a small square platform and leaping through mid-air on to a metal hanging bar. It was a terrifying experience but it felt like a real accomplishment once I’d returned to ground.

Some underground tunnels were entreating. These were quite dark and cramped but we all wiggled our way through a series of three before popping out the other end.

Finally, we spent the afternoon orienteering. We had map to follow and needed to remember to orientate it. In the field, we had to find the different red orienteering posts. It was a friendly competition between the two teams. We kept in tough, and had some giggles suing the walkie-talkies!