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Curriculum Plans - What is your Child Learning?

Melsonby Methodist Primary School Medium Term Plans 

Summer 1st Half Term 2018

Class 1

These are the medium term plans, or put another way, what your children will be learning in each half term during the course of an academic year.


Class Topic

The magical elements of Alice in Wonderland. Summer 1 will focus on magical stories and Summer 2 will focus on Alice in Wonderland.



  • Exploring a range of well-known and new stories and writing book reviews to understand the key features of magical narratives
  • Designing and making a magical object and writing an advert to persuade someone to buy it
  • Writing instructions to make magical potions and recipes
  • Creating our own magical creatures and writing posters to describe their appearance
  • Writing our own magical stories



  • Recognising and finding fractions of length, shape, objects and quantities
  • Naming and writing simple fractions of length, shape, objects and quantities
  • Measuring, estimating and beginning to record length and height
  • Using mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement
  • Following instructions to make magical potions and making our own to explore capacity and mass
  • Exploring intervals of time through measurement and recording
  • Being able to tell the time to different intervals



  • Investigating food chains and the dependency of animals
  • Exploring the importance of recycling and why some materials can harm the planet and its creatures
  • Looking at different seeds, bulbs, plants and flowers and discussing what they need to grow and survive
  • Planting our own seeds and bulbs and observe their changes over time
  • Identifying a variety of common garden plants including deciduous and evergreen trees in our local area
  • Describing the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants including trees



  • I can use directions to program a character to follow a route.
  • I can create an algorithm to design a character.
  • I can retrieve information for a purpose.
  • I can use word programming to create a poster for a purpose.



  • Mastering basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching and begin to apply these in a range of activities such as cricket
  • Participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending



  • Using simple compass directions
  • Comparing and contrasting our local area to that of another town or village in a different country



  • Exploring significant historical events, people and places in our own village including the history of our school.



  • To listen with concentration and understanding to a range of high quality live and recorded music.
    • Use body percussion and actions to perform a beat at different speeds.
    • Rehearse and perform poems and stories rhythmically
    • Learn a range of well-known nursery rhymes by heart



  • Learning how and why some stories are special or sacred and what makes these stories important in different religions


PSHE (physical, social and health education)

  • Exploring our diverse world and how we are all different
  • Encouraging others to show kindness and ‘good friend’ behaviours
  • Exploring what it means to be truthful and honest
  • Understanding the human lifecycle including growth and change over time
  • Applying our knowledge of growth and change to other living things such as plants and animals


MFL (modern foreign languages – French)

  • I can introduce and describe myself in French.
  • I can identify members of my family in French and describe them.
  • I can name different rooms of a house in French.


Melsonby Methodist Primary School Medium Term Plans 

1st half Summer Term 2018.

Class  2


Here is what your children are learning about this half term:


Class Topic Famous Authors, Fantasy stories.



We are beginning the term by finding out about some famous authors, then planning and writing a biography about them.

Then we will go onto a book study of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, and of course there is our visit to Alnwick Castle.


We will work on statistics, co-ordinates and position, then go onto some number work using the four operations. Also this half term will be some more work on fractions and shapes.


Our science topic is sound. We will be investigating how sound travels, and how the pitch can be changed.


We will be having 2 sessions of PE this half term, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. In these sessions we will be concentrating on bat/ball skills with a focus on cricket as we have a cricket coach from Richmond coming along to work with us.

History and Geography

We will link this to our literacy and our visit to Alnwick castle, finding out about the history of the castle and it’s location.


We will again link art to the book study and our visit, and also look at works by famous impressionist artists such as Monet and Sisley.


To enhance our music, we have Mr Denton, who has very kindly offered to come in to teach the children singing on a Friday afternoon. We will also be learning the violin or cello with Mrs Evans as part of the Wider Opportunities in Music scheme.


Our RE topic is creation stories from different religions.


PSHCE is about being ‘Good to be Me’ and being able to understand and cope with our own feelings.


We will be using the computers to research information about our chosen authors and to present our work.


In French this term we are learning the vocabulary for parts of the body, the family and the home.


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