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Curriculum Plans - What is your Child Learning?

Class 1 - Autumn 2nd Half Term 2017

These are the medium term plans, or put another way, what your children will be learning in each half term during the course of an academic year.

Class Topic – Transport


  • Non-fiction book writing
  • Story sequencing and writing
  • Descriptive writing
  • Identifying and using statements, commands, exclamations and questions effectively in writing.


  • Addition and subtraction
  • Problem solving
  • Using the inverse operation to check calculations
  • Representing numbers and finding fact families
  • Solving problems involving money


  • The seasons and the weather
  • Materials and forces investigations


  • Word processing skills
  • Creating and debugging simple programs

PE – Dance and Movement

  • Using our bodies to create simple patterns and reflect events, pictures and emotions.
  • Develop balance, agility and co-ordination in Yoga.


  • To understand the importance of historically significant people in the local area and their impact on the country/world.
  • To name, locate and identify the 4 countries of the United Kingdom.


  • This half term we will be exploring different mediums we can use to create a range of artwork.
  • We will use seasonal events such as bonfire night, Remembrance Day and Christmas as our inspiration as well as the changing seasons.



  • Singing songs and rhymes to help us remember the seasons, months of the year and the days of the week.
  • Explore a range of musical instruments by keeping a steady beat.
  • Listen to other children’s musical expression with concentration.



  • Exploring how and why we celebrate Advent and Christmas.
  • How and why some stories are special or sacred and what makes these stories important in religion.
  • The nativity story expressed through the school production - with a modern twist!

PSHCE (physical, social, health and citizenship education)


  • Staying safe on bonfire night.
  • Exploring our daily worries and what we can do to help manage them.
  • What is courage and why do we need to have it sometimes?
  • Saying no to bullying and how to deal with bullying.

MFL (modern foreign languages – French)


  • This half term we will be looking at numbers then days of the week and months of the year.
  • This will lead into important dates and Christmas, including some Christmas songs in French.



Class 2- Autumn 2nd Half Term 2017

Here is what your children are learning about this half term:

Class Topic:  Transport


We are finishing off the novel ‘Journey to the River Sea’ then moving on to some non-fiction texts linking to the history of transport. We will begin with the railways, including our visit to the National Railway Museum. We will be looking at how the language and style of writing is different in a non-fiction text, and using different ways of presenting information including charts and tables. We will look at how to use punctuation to aid with the lay out and understanding of the texts.


Starting off with fractions, the students will be working on equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting them and some work on decimals and percentages for the Y5 and 6’s. We will then do some practical work and problem solving with measuring, money and time.


Our science topic this half term is magnets and so we will be finding out about magnetism by making our own magnets, finding out how strong magnets are and making a game which uses a magnet.


Class 2 are going swimming on Mondays and will be doing some fitness work on Fridays.

History and Geography

This will link to our transport topic and literacy, and will focus on the history of transport, especially the railways in our local area.


This half term our focus will be on painting. We will look at the use of colour including shades and tints and try a range of painting techniques. We will also complete seasonal art and DT projects.


Our music this half term will include learning some new songs for our Christmas production. We will also be learning the violin or cello with Mrs Evans as part of the wider Opportunities in Music scheme.


We will be doing some work on Saints for the first few weeks, then moving onto Advent and Christmas.


PSHCE is ‘Say no to bullying’ and will explore how we deal with any issues and what to do if you feel vulnerable or a victim.


We will be using DB in our computing lessons.


We will be looking at time including: days of the week, months of the year, numbers and important dates. We will then move onto the Nativity story and Christmas songs in French.


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