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1 Collaborative and Shared Events

Here is a reminder of all of the collaborative and shared events we attended between North and South Cowton Community Primary School and Melsonby Methodist Primary School.

Children in Need Day – Anti-bullying Week

Both schools, at separate times of the day, had the services of Brian Beresford (Ex head master and musician) in both our schools and taught the children a song about anti-bullying)

Whole School Cycling Day

On Monday the 19th of November our school experienced a whole school cycling day.  Ex Olympic cyclist, Phil Bateman visited our school to work with all our children. The visit was an opportunity for the children to take part in some specialist cycle coaching. The program Phil coached was packed with fun activities for each year group and included road safety skills, group riding, games, challenges and mini races designed to introduce the children to the sport of cycling.

Melsonby Methodist Primary School Christmas Fair

On Saturday the 24th of November Melsonby School opened its doors for the Christmas fair.

Melsonby Christmas Production

On the evening of Thursday, the 13th of December at 6.00pm at St James’ Church we had our Christmas production.  All parents and children of North and South Cowton were invited.

North and South Cowton Christmas Production

On the evening of Thursday, the 20th of December at 6.00pm at the village hall we had our Christmas production.  Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.  All parents and children of Melsonby Methodist Primary School were invited.

Carol Services

On Friday the 21st of December we had both schools’ Carol Services.  If you love your carols this day was definitely for you.  All invited to both services.

MoneySense Day

Following on from our very successful MoneySense morning we had a collaborative event at North and South Cowton school on Thursday the 24th of January where the children were taught all about fraud and how to avoid it, followed by their own crime fraud investigation.  Chris Gibson was delivering the sessions.

Chinese Dance Day

We brought the colourful swirling Chinese Ribbon Dance into our school hall, and delved into the traditions, history and stories surrounding the movements. This workshop was a wonderful opportunity to educate children about Chinese hand gestures and their meanings, and how dance relates to both everyday life and significant events. Perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year!  Not only that the children were taught some Tai Chi and basic martial art (none contact) movements.  We all enjoyed Chinese food for lunch and during the day the children were able complete some Chinese based art projects.  Monday 11th of February 2019

Shakespeare Show in a Day -

Macbeth was rehearsed and performed by up to 4 groups in just one day. Family and friends of both our schools were delighted in what had been created in the end of day Macbeth show.

The play was split into 4 scenes so the classes needed to be in 4 groups. Each group took it in turns to learn their scene and when not rehearsing made set and props in the classroom.  Tuesday 19th of March 2019

Archery Day

On Tuesday the 9th of April 2019 Melsonby hosted a collaborative archery day.  During these practical sessions, our pupils and teachers learned the basics of shooting a standard “recurve” archery bow. They will also learned about range safety, modern archery and the Olympic Games, bow types and their development using traditional as well as space age technology. The emphasis was on shooting technique, learning both theory and practice and having fun at the same time.

Rugby Darlington Mowden Park RFC

Starting on Thursday the 23rd of May North and South Cowton children enjoyed rugby training delivered by one of the 1st 11 and the team coaches.  This was every week until the end of the year.  Melsonby had the same experience but at different times of the week.

Our Joint Residential with North and South Cowton Community Primary School

In the last week of the summer term, we planned our joint residential trip to Kingswood Dukehouse Wood Adventure Centre.  This gave pupils a real opportunity to forge new friendships and strengthen current ones.  The food was tasty, the accommodation was clean and warm and the activities were out of this world.   Dare you face the 3G Swing?  That is it on the left.