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3 Collaborative and Shared Events

Ground Force Day 2019

Well the answer to that question was a resounding Yes!

We had a marvellous turnout of volunteers to help the ‘Friends’ on their planned ‘Ground Force Day.  The outside of the school is now looking immaculate, and obviously very well cared for not only by the FOMS but the teachers, parents, villagers and more importantly the children.  Saturday was a good lesson for the children in demonstrating you need to carefully look after those things which you love and are proud of.

I would like to thank Carla Jackson for organising the day and feeding the troops.  I would also like to thank the following people who came to lend a hand: Phil Martin, Holly Simpson, John Blenkiron, David, Lucy, Penny and Florence Dixon, Carla, Phil, Aidan and Tillie Jackson, Sean, Tanya, Melody and Oscar Henderson, Chris, Camilla, Ben, Laurence and Chad Denton, Judith Stansfield, Brian Rodgers, Mr and Mrs Cutter, Sue Stokoe and Mike.

The school and Friends would also like to thank Rodbers of Richmond for a substantial discount on paint and brushes.