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A visit from Florence Nightingale

A visit from Florence Nightingale

What a fabulous start Class 1 have had to their new topic.

This week we were lucky enough to have a surprise visit from Florence Nightingale!  She wandered into our classroom after taking a wrong turn along the corridors of St Thomas’s Hospital.  She very kindly stayed and told us all about her life as a child growing up in a wealthy family and how she longed to be a nurse. Florence studied hard and eventually was asked to go to Crimea in Russia to nurse the wounded soldiers during the war. She described how dirty the hospital was and how the conditions spread germs and caused the soldiers to become worse not better! Her hard work with her team of nurses made the hospital a clean and safe place where the soldiers could be nursed back to health.

We were fascinated to see her in real life and she answered many questions for us including “How it felt to see the wounded soldiers” and “why she wanted to be a nurse.” 

Thank you for visiting us Florence!